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  • Our Team includes You

Key to a good working relationship is Open communication

  • Quality is the Boss

  • You cannot Rush things you want to Last Forever

  • The price of Bad Wedding Photographs is higher than an Expensive Photographer. 

Weddings, Photography, Films

  • Why should you hire us for your wedding?
    In a sentence, the answer is – For our love of creating great content and making ourselves happy, first. We’ve set extremely high standards for ourselves as far as the definition of “good content” goes and we try to live up to those standards every time we pull the camera out of the bag. We treat a wedding like a canvas. Interacting with us, you’ll see us curious about the venue, the event planners, the décor, the lighting, the color of your outfits, the family, the parents, the besties, the dog and most importantly, the story that led to the wedding. We tend to listen to and understand what is the idea of a dream wedding for our lovely couple and their families; their chemistry; their taste for colors; their lifestyle, and a lot more. Based on all the knowledge we’ve acquired, we start the storyboarding process and provide suggestions, tips and ideas on how the dream wedding can translate into beautiful memories for a lifetime. To transcend your imagination into beautiful imagery and film, we interact with the event planners, decorators, light designers, make-up artists, and even the priest, to exchange ideas on how all their efforts could be tweaked slightly for better photographs and film ! Moreover during the course of the interaction, we provide suggestions to the bride, the groom, the parents, the best friends on how they can help us capture the key moments with ease, hence making the images and films top notch. We even write Wedding Speeches. For free ! Eventually, it’s the people that make an event fun !
  • Do you work with a team?
    Always ! We’re a registered LLP, with a front-end team of extraordinarily imaginative content creators. At the back end we have our Design and Editing studio, Business Development staff, Marketing staff and our chef who makes unlimited cups of Chai every day.
  • Where do you live and how far will you travel?
    We live in Pune. We've been all over the country to photograph weddings. We are destination wedding specialists with unconditional love for the Emergency Exit seats on a plane. From the beautiful forests in Kalimpong to the soaring heights in Gangtok, to the cute villages in Silchar, to the grand palaces in Rajasthan, and to the beautiful beaches in Goa and Kerala. We're highly experienced at Travel for Destination Weddings. For local weddings (< 300 kms), we have a fast car with a big boot, and we love a long drive. Really, we do!
  • How long does it take before we receive our products (Photographs and Films)?
    While the shooting process is short and is limited to the length of the events, the post production takes time ! An average 2-day wedding generates 750GB – 1TB of data and reviewing the whole of it takes time. As far as images are concerned, our talented image retouchers first select the best shots from thousands of pictures. Don’t worry, we’re extremely lenient on the selection. Once the final shortlist is created, each image is meticulously edited, color corrected, enhanced to make it look rich, and natural by bringing out the colors and emotions with optimum precision. The image editing process takes anything between 4-8 weeks. Rushed jobs may directly or indirectly degrade the quality of the desired output. We avoid that. So should you. Tip - You, can help us quicken the editing process, by ensuring that the lighting for all your events is perfect ! The films take even more time. Reviewing the whole footage, selecting the most emotionally charged clips, the clips with the best sound and speeches, the best dances, the bloopers and the closest family members need a keen and patient eye. Weaving all of the best snippets in a storyboard, adding the most relevant indulgent music and overlaying footage with speeches recorded during the shooting process involves tireless creativity with an output, nothing short of perfect. A Highlight Reel and the Extended Highlight Reel takes anything between 9-15 weeks.
  • Can we choose our own music for the Highlights?
    You’re Welcome to suggest ! However, it is our Creative Directors decision whether to go with the music that you’ve recommended or use something from our own little library of Music curated for Weddings. The films that you’ve seen on our website has music chosen by us. If you like what we do, trust us. We won’t let you down.
  • How many images will we receive?  What will be the duration of the Highlight Reel and the Extended Highlight Reel?
    The number of photographs taken depends on many things - the number of guests, hours of coverage, types of events, hours of dancing, and so forth. Hence, to make matters easier, we decided to not have a limit to the number of images we deliver. The idea is simple – These memories are a lot more important to you, than they are to us. You deserve maximum possible memories from the day that hopefully never happens again. As far as the Highlight Reels are concerned, we focus on making the film classy, meaningful and emotionally impactful. Our priority is to show the best moments from the couple, their closest family members and friends. We do not pre-decide on the duration, but deliver what looks best, feels complete, with 0 dull moments.
  • Do we receive the RAW and/or the Rejected files?
    The short answer here is, No. Would you ask your caterer to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner? No. The rejected files are quite similar. Please be assured that the rejected images are technically bad and are outtakes.
  • What camera equipment do you use?
    We use the Nikon Mirrorless System. Amit Shindore, the Founder and Creative Director at The Wedding Wizards, is a Nikon Mentor and Brand Ambassador, contracted with Nikon India Pvt. Ltd. to conduct Photography workshops and promote Nikon equipment. He’s been doing so for the past 6 years. At weddings, we use the Nikon Z6, Z7 with a plethora of fast prime lenses ranging from 14-24 f/2.8, all the way up to 135 f/2 DC. Furthermore, we use 360 cameras and drones to capture footage that provides a unique and never-seen-before POV. Last, but not the least, our audio equipment has a Zoom H6 Sound Recorder to capture ambient sounds, and Sennheiser Wireless Lavalieres to record interviews and wedding speeches. All n all, we’re well equipped technically and intellectually to ensure that all your wedding days are well covered.
  • How do you manage Data? How long will you keep the RAW footage?
    We have 1 + 2 backups of RAW footage. We store the 2 additional copies for 6 months after your final product has been delivered. The master copy is ALWAYS retained. In case you need the RAW footage, you can provide us a 2TB External hard disk AFTER the final films are delivered.
  • Do you have pricing packages ?
    No. We do not have a “per day” price tag. Every wedding is unique and we make a bespoke package for every wedding we’re hired for. The commercials designed for you need extensive understanding of the schedule, location, logistics and the services you’re hiring us for. We also provide our recommendations, mapping specific services to certain events with the optimum team size for that event. Based on our decade long experience, we’ve understood that you don’t need ALL services for ALL events with a FULL size team. With an A la Carte model, we ensure that you pay us precisely what you hire us for.
  • Can you hold a date for me?
    Provided we’re available for the dates, Yes, you can lock the dates by paying us a non-refundable retainer of INR 25,000. This amount is later adjusted in the final quote and invoice.
  • Tell us your payment schedule
    75% of the total project cost needs to be paid to book us for your wedding. This includes the retainer of INR 25,000, in case you’ve already paid. 20% of the total project cost needs to be paid a week prior to the Wedding Days. The final 5% needs to be paid on delivery of soft copies.
  • How do I book you?
    We only have room for 40 Weddings a year. Once you’ve decided that we’re the best team for you, Contact us by filling out the form. It takes two minutes. You’ll hear from us in less than 24 hours.
  • Can we meet with you before we decide to hire you?
    Absolutely! We’re old school and we feel it’s a great idea to meet and get to know each other ahead of time. Please contact us to arrange a meeting. The Coffee is on us !
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