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Creative Freedom is the seed to Evergreen Memories

  • Unique Ideas Every Time.

  • The privilege to be the Memory makers

  • One Chance to give your best

  • Sticking to the Creative Plan

Weddings, Photography, Films


Riddhi Rambhia

"He and his team gave me a hassle free , joyful experience. I had a great time working with all of them and they made me look so gorgeous in the pictures. They clicked amazing candids and even delivered the pictures on time. I am so glad i chose them for my wedding"


Rohit Solanki

"We actually stumbled onto Amit's contact through my uncle who was a photographer, and it was perfect coz whenever i would call a photographer and ask him to show his work online/or through WhatsApp they would immediately share some generic garbage that would make it extremely easy to classify them in my own rating system of 1-10.. Amit is old school like me so his first request was that we meet and get to know each other.


I had a couple of small requirements which I immediately realized adhered to his working style. Once that was out of the way I let him do his thing on the main day and even after. Being an artist myself I understand that it is important to have creative freedom which I completely gave to Amit and his team for the Video/Photography process from shooting to editing and the payoff was totally amazing! A video and photo album like none other.!! If you're looking for conventional...


Amit can handle it! If your looking for ART ... that might as well be AMIT's motto coz we got was pure ART!"


Anjali Bhagwani

"Amit will go to great lengths to get the perfect shots. His fun, energetic and vibrant personality makes the bride and groom more excited about the day and his free flowing nature helps the usually conscious and nervous couple loosen up and feel free. This reflects in the pictures very clearly. He can make anyone look pretty and he uses the surrounding decor and props to frame each picture perfectly. His lens can see what the naked eye cannot.


His presence is sure to make your day beautiful, fun, and memorable"


Sunanda Chatterjee

"It was the best decision to choose Amit to shoot my sister's wedding. He was quite considerate to accommodate our dates in between a busy wedding season, as the request was pretty last minute. He was very helpful with suggestions about the venue, lighting, decor and our outfits. And at the end of all the ceremonies, we had some lovely pictures captured very professionally, some candid moments caught beautifully, and a happy set of family members with everyone in the photos. The video of the wedding touched our hearts with the fine selection of pictures, theme and music.


I strongly recommend Amit and his work, and we will positively work with him for all future functions in our family! "


Saloni Jogani

“If you are looking for a wedding photographer then look no further than Amit! He was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Professional, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, took the most fabulous photographs for my sister’s wedding.


Their pre-shoot was hilarious and fun and for the wedding day he was almost invisible but captured the most precious moments. We could not have wished for a better photographer. Thank you, Amit.” 


Ashwini Todkar

“Amit has been a friend far before I got married. And when I saw his other candid pictures I knew I wanted him to cover my wedding. Very creative and professional at the same time. Amit is very easy to get along with.You can tell him your likes, dislikes, people you want him to click more, last minute requests, etc. He makes sure that you will be happy in the end.


I am very satisfied with our pre wedding shoot and the wedding pictures. The album is amazing.I would highly recommend him” 


Sagar Pendor

“The only problem we encountered is trying to our favorites, because there are just so many amazing shots' Amit is just wonderful photographer that we would not hesitate to recommend anyone. My sister and her husband were initially so worried bout thr wedding photos and how they'd turned out as thy both were not comfortable in front of camera, until they met Amit.


He managed to capture the perfect amount of staged n candid photos and even included some very funny ones. Amit you captured thr day perfectly!! ” 


Garima Jhajhria

“Met Amit at one of my close friends wedding back in 2014. And loved his work. He is very humble and down to earth. He works hard , involves and is very creative.


His photos are pure art. His editing is just perfect, not too much and are subtle. He is good at capturing beautiful moments and understands emotions. I am into photography and I have been following his work for inspiration” 


Ajay Ghai

“Amit shot the wedding for a close friend and post that I had booked Amit in advance for mine as well. Since there were clashing dates, I could finally get Amit to only shoot the reception and without a doubt he did create wonderful memories. The photography was candid capturing emotions, laughter, happiness and some crazy moments rather than just straight line ones.


His passion for photography speaks for itself in his work and the important thing I appreciate is he values his work. Yes, can be a tad higher but then you always pay for the skill and talent as well. I took this an investment for lifelong memories by one of the best photographers” 


Gautam Mainkar

“Of all the photographers we checked out for our wedding, Amit was by far the most creative and technically proficient. He puts in an enormous amount of care and effort into his work, meticulously planning shots.


His candid photography work was flawless, he has managed to capture some of our most special moments and left us with beautiful memories of our big day. He ensured that all of our friends, relatives and guests were photographed, even those who turned up very briefly. He went above and beyond his role and helped us out with so many things including our decorations, outfits and so on.


During the course of the wedding, he was actually more a friend than just a photographer, participating in all our functions while he was on the job. We were so lucky to have Amit on board for our wedding and would recommend him blindly to anybody. ” 


Sakhi Deshpande

“Amit's photos were loved by everybody around me, so much so that a lot of my acquaintances and friends wanted to AND hired him to do their wedding photography. We got along really well from the word go and I wish I did a wedding film with him too!


It's been 3.5 years but the photos just don't get old!” 


Sejal Deshmukh

“Amit is a Magician who weaves magic in his own style through his pictures. He has an amazing talent for capturing moments which is exactly what you want on your wedding day. Its not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was  its the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented.


Amit's ability to not miss a moment is incredible, and his energy and passion comes across in the photos. He is able to blend in so well that you don't realise you're being photographed. ” 


Gaurav Chandawale

“Amit is an excellent photographer. He will go above and beyond to get that perfect shot. Thank you for capturing our moments beautifully.” 


Aanchal Saxena

“Amit creates a magic through is photography! His work and dedication is something which everyone appreciates. He is the best you will get to make your special days even more magical.” 


Sneha Patil

“All I say about Amit is , he's extremely good at clicking pictures and he makes an unreal object real , shrewdly sorting out the unwanted things in the picture , his pictures are really enough to give you an idea about the event . When I look at the pictures clicked by Amit I feel I've been a part of every event because they're so real . The most interesting is landscape , I love them , and the way those are captured .


I like his ideas because they're too very good and much different than other photographers! In simple words he makes anything much better than it's in the real world” 


Prachi Tawde

“Amit is a fantastic Photographer with incredible creativity. Combined that with great technical ability and top-of-the-line equipment makes him one of the most sought after photographer and Filmmaker.


His commitment and professionalism is second to none and that's evident in the images and films that he delivers. I would highly recommend him to soon-to-be brides and grooms who are looking for nothing but the best. ” 

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